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OHLAW office drawing  Welcome to the Wellston Offices of Oths, Heiser, Regan & Miller.  We'd like to show you around this old coal miner's mansion, so why don't you get comfy, and come on along. 
Drawing of OHLAW by Sam L. Jenkins

Bldg. Exterior Photo 

This handsome brownstone home was built in 1903 as the residence for Joseph Clutts, a prominent Wellston industrialist and coal baron.  Of immediate interest on the outside are a  wraparound porch with beautiful inlaid tile designs, an ornate leaded cut-glass door in the recessed portico, an iron fence and tiled roof. 
Wellston Office - Oths, Heiser, Regan & Miller

Window Seat Upon entering our Wellston office you will notice a beautiful curved window seat on your right.  This seat features a padded curved bench with handsome carved cherry panels. 
Window Seat

Music Room  Looking to our left we see a very unusual room with curved corners.  this was the music room where Mrs. Clutts gave frequent recitals for their friends.  Opening into two sides of this room are magnificent sliding pocket doors with deeply carved cherry panels. 
Music Room 

Foyer  The foyer shows the beauty of the cherry paneling used throughout the home, the 10' ceilings, one of the curved corners of the music room, and one of the wonderful double fireplaces spread thoughout the house, this one with lovely inlaid ceramic tile.  The main staircase to the second floor is to the right. 

Conference Room  Next, on our left, is what was originally a drawing room, which we now use for a conference room.  This room originally had a doorway out to the wraparound porch, out of sight to the left.  Notice the paneled fireplace. 
Conference Room

Dining Room  This room was originally the dining room, with bidirectional swinging doors into the kitchen and the pantry areas.  It features a lovely shuttered window seat, rich fabric wainscoting with plate rail, and another massive fireplace. 
Dining Room

Staircase  Here is the main staircase to the second floor, all of cherry wood, with a wonderful hand-painted stained glass window at the upper landing. 

Stained Glass Window  This lovely stained glass window of the Muse graces the upper landing of the main staircase.  Out of the picture, to the right, was a carved porch swing with mother-of-pearl inlays, which hung in a windowed porch overlooking Broadway.
Stained Glass Window

The second floor contained, in addition to the covered porch, four large bedrooms including a spacious 18x26-foot master bedroom, complete with its own screened-in rear porch.  The master bath is very large with inaid tile, a massive claw-footed tub, and a fascinating standalone shower of Italian marble.  This shower contains a pioneer wraparound body spray made of stainless steel tubes, and it still works!

The kitchen area is on the ground floor at the rear of the mansion and has several interesting features.  The cooking area was separated from the rest of the kitchen by a curved brick archway to prevent smoke and cooking odors from traveling back into the living areas.  It also contained a lockable pass-through to the rear porch so that the grocery deliveryman could unlock his side and place the groceries inside, to be unloaded later at the convenience of the kitchen staff.

Thanks for joining us on our tour of this lovely old home!
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